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Remembering Andy

The Australian music community lost an important figure on Saturday 3rd December 2022.


12 December 2022

Andrew ‘Andy’ Lindsay was an outstanding, gifted, and much-loved musician — as well as being a creative and inspiring business leader. He was also a major piece of the heart and soul of Newcastle’s Musos Corner music store.

Andy was ‘born’ in a music shop and grew up surrounded by musicians, music, and instruments. He became a gifted and respected bass player, playing in many Newcastle bands during the 80s and 90s — all of this while finishing school and graduating university with degrees in Economics and Business. 

With the love of his life Linda, Andy lived in Sydney and London for several years, working as an advertising creative, and travelling around the globe. However, after devastating floods caused huge damage to the family business in 2007, Andy returned to Newcastle to help manage the rejuvenation of Musos Corner. He was well versed in disaster recovery after he oversaw the refurbishment and re-design of the space after fire ripped through Musos in 2005. 

Having returned from London permanently, Linda and Andy married in September 2008. They became parents in 2012 and 2015 to Miles and Jules respectively.

Andy worked and thrived in the family store, where he made use of his incredible and encyclopaedic knowledge of all things musical — from every type of instrument, to all the latest technologies for recording and music production. With his keen knowledge of business and a ‘nothing is impossible’ approach to planning the future of the shop, Andy’s innovative ideas also helped break new ground, as evidenced by the immense popularity of the now famous ‘May The 4th – Musos Corner Sale’ retail event.

Andy had a strong and passionate belief that music retail was an opportunity to help people realise their dreams. With this definitive vision, he oversaw the growth and evolution of Musos Corner, from a literal local corner store to one of the largest music instrument retailers in Australia — and an internationally respected and recognised brand.

His dedication to helping musicians of every age, and at every stage meant he endlessly supported the tens of thousands of customers that came through the store for decades. He had the rare ability to focus on people in a sincere and profound way, giving each one of his thousands of customers an honest and experienced opinion of what he felt would be best for them. No slick sales-tricks or tired routines, just his passion and the truth.

The baby in the bassinet on the shop floor became the boy bassist on the shop floor. Once he became the man on the shop floor, he continued to share his passion for music, with a genuine warmth, and that incredible back-catalogue of knowledge. Through this, people were endeared to him, and inspired by him. Over the decades he nurtured musicians’ aspirations while simultaneously nurturing friendships, so life-long customers became life-long friends. For so many, he was the guy.

Andy’s many talents took him all over the world. Whether he was attending the annual NAMM, Musik Messe, or Music China shows; or visiting the Fender Guitar factory in America, Neumann microphones in Germany, or the SSL recording console factory in the UK; his naturally adventurous nature took delight in combining travel with his passion for the business.

Andy also sought to embrace the Newcastle music community through countless sponsorships — supporting everything from school band competitions and Ukulele festivals, to partnerships with institutions such as TAFE NSW and The University of Newcastle. Andy believed that the best hope for the future of music was to ensure that the next generation of Australian musicians, composers, and producers had access to the very best the world had to offer — particularly with regard to recording and music production technology.

Over the last decade Andy’s deep knowledge and experience with recording, audio production, and sound engineering has enabled him to design, import, and install cutting-edge studio upgrades for local music producers, as well as TAFEs, universities, and commercial facilities around the country. By creating a synergy, Andy has effectively changed the way retail and education works together — where giving music students greater accessibility means achieving better overall outcomes, both today and in the future.

In August this year, Andy received a devastating cancer diagnosis. Over these last few months, and despite the prognosis, he didn’t stop working towards making the world a better place for those around him.

Andy leaves behind his wife Linda, and two young children Miles and Jules; his mother Sandra, and stepdad Michael; and his two sisters, Georgina and Jaquelyn. He also leaves behind a good deal many more family, friends, and colleagues, together with an entire community who will miss him dearly.

Andy was a big advocate for chasing one’s dreams, and believed that the pursuit should be as much fun as the achievement. As Andy would say, “What are you waiting for!?”

Andrew Lindsay
1971 – 2022


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  1. Andy was a legend. He was always smiling, joking and taking the piss. Underneath it all was a passion for getting people into playing music. I was the benificiary four times of the incredible May the 4th sale. I have instruments now that I would never have been able to afford if it wasn’t for him and Sandra. I’m going to miss him every time I walk in the store.

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