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16 December 2014


A Kickstarter campaign has come to our attention, that we thought our readers would be interested in – the ToneWoodAmp. The amp is compatible with any flat-back acoustic guitar or bass and allows players add effects to their instrument without the need to connect to external amps or effects pedals. All you do is attach it to the back of your acoustic guitar or bass and it will amplify the sound with additional effects coming directly from the guitar body.

It currently features three types of Reverb, Delay, Echo and Tremolo, with two more planned effects to be added. Included is the ability to store/recall presets via a ‘programme change’ knob.

We can’t help but think how great this will be for buskers, or for small gatherings. All you’ll need to do is grab your instrument bag, with one of these little babies squirreled away in there, double check you have some back-up batteries, and off you go. Ready to entertain the masses.


Best of all is the ability to be able to connect with any iOS device, allowing users to play virtual MIDI instruments directly through their guitars via apps. It currently supports apps such as MIDI Guitar, Garageband, Alchemy Synth, Amplitube for iOS, and many others.

The planned unit will weigh around 170gms – 200gms once it’s finished, currently the prototype weighs just under 312gms. So it should be fairly lightweight enough, to not weigh down your instrument. The kit connects to your instrument via ‘magnetic rails’ that can be attached with double-sided tape either to the outside or inside of your guitar, inside resulting in a much cleaner looking guitar.

“Your acoustic guitar will suddenly have a new life. There is nothing else on the market that can make your guitar sound like this without the use of an external amplifier or external effect.”  Ofer Webman, creator of the ToneWoodAmp.

The device uses a combination of DSP and a Surface Exciter, that vibrates once it’s attached to the back of your instrument. Those vibrations produce effects that transform the natural sound of your guitar, resulting in amplified sound coming from within the body of the guitar itself.  So far, the campaign has raised US$78,500 of it’s goal of $99,000, with six days to go.




  • a) Effect selection knob: Turn the knob to dial between the effects. To store a preset: press this knob for more than 2 seconds. To recall a preset: quickly press the knob to recall your favorite settings.
  • b, c & d) Effect parameters: change the parameters of the selected effects. See the parameter chart for more information.
  • e) Gain: adjusts the input gain of the ToneWoodAmp.
  • f) Guitar in: is the input jack for bringing the guitar signal into the ToneWoodAmp. ¼ to ⅛ cable will be supplied with the ToneWoodAmp 
  • g) iDevice I/O: is the i/o jack for communicating with your iDevice. TRRS iOS cable or adapter will be supplied with the ToneWoodAmp
  • h) Volume: adjusts the overall volume of the ToneWoodAmp.
  • i) Output: out to PA
  • j) Low/Mid cut notch-filters


For those wishing to purchase their own TomeWoodAmp, there are a few of the US$90 early bird pledges left, that will secure you one, with a retail price of US$199 once it’s finally released.

For more info or to make a pledge, check out the campaign page on Kickstarter:


  • Weight: approximately 7oz
  • Size: 5 x 3 x .75
  • Power by: AA Batteries
  • Input Jacks: Guitar in, iOS input/output,
  • Output jacks: Direct Out to PA*
  • Knobs: Gain, Volume, Program change/store/recall, effect parameters and notch filters
  • (More specs to be announced soon)

* All specs are based on current prototype. Direct Out is a new feature will be added.


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