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New UWP-D wireless microphone series from Sony


14 April 2022

Sony has launched the new URX-P41D two-channel portable receiver, supporting MI (Multi Interface) shoe with digital audio interfaces. The URX-P41D, comes with the same features included in the 4th generation UWP-D series, such as improved sound quality from digital audio processing, NFC Sync for an easy set-up between receiver and transmitter, and offers functions such as Auto Gain Mode and Output Level Control which makes the job of recording audio easier.

As part of the UWP-D Series, the URX-P41D will work with all UWP-D transmitters (backwards compatible with previous generations) and will be available as a stand-alone receiver, or as part of a new kit, the UWP-D27, which includes two UTX-B40 Bodypack Transmitters. The URX-P41D is geared towards XDCAM and Alpha lens users for broadcast and news productions, run and gun style interviews, and documentary and series productions.

  • New features include:
  • Digital audio interface to improve sound quality
  • Sony’s Digital Audio Processing, which uses DSP for digital companding
  • SMAD-P5 MI shoe adaptor enables direct digital audio recording, skipping the D/A and A/D process for better audio quality
  • NFC SYNC function to allow quick channel setting
  • Compact form factor with improved ergonomics
  • Small form factor means URX-P41D can sit on top of the camera or ILC attached to the MI shoe or cold shoe
  • External Microphone Input and Three-channel mixing function
  • Stable RF reception using a space diversity reception system
  • Auto Gain Mode and Output Level Control ensures levels are correct when out in the field

The URX-P41D and UWP-D27 are available from April 2022 onwards.


Sony: pro.sony


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