24 July 2013

Sound Forge Pro 11 Box shot

Sony Creative Software has released Sound Forge Pro 11 which introduces more efficient recording and processing workflows, plus new signal and effects processing plug-ins. New features of note in Sound Forge Pro 11 include One-Touch Recording – a completely redesigned recording interface – CALM compliant metering (US-based legislation; Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act, but handy nonetheless), and a new Plug-in Chain Interface. You also get iZotope’s Nectar Elements plug-in (see our review here) and improved Restore and Repair Tools also by iZotope with Declipper, Denoiser and Declicker. There are added waveform display options and Input Bus Effects should your recording artist need a little magic talent during tracking. Although Sound Forge has a solid reputation as an advanced wave form editor it can record up to 32 tracks simultaneously. Sound Forge Pro 11 has some Broadcast Wave File format enhancements – it supports BEXT BWF version 2.0, iXML and includes auto-fill and verification options as well as automatic repair of BWF data. A complete rundown of features and download links are at www.sonycreativesoftware.com Prices online start at US$399.95, but various upgrade options can save you dollars.

AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR: New Magic Australia www.newmagic.com.au


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  1. Sonys upgrade policy sucks. I’m going to stay on 10 , skip this version and go for 12 since they don’t offer any benefit to anyone who pays the ridiculous price for these minor increments.

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