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Sine Of The Times

Cherry Audio introduces original synthesizer VSTi.


10 October 2022

Cherry Audio has announced Sines, an innovative new polyphonic software synthesizer utilising diverse waveshaping to bend pure sine waveforms into infinitely variable and complex shapes and sounds. With four sine-wave oscillators, wide-ranging modulation capabilities, and integrated effects, users can create a distinctive array of unique timbres ranging from the sublime to the sizzling.

The state-of-the-art interface provides immediate access to all sound parameters and comes alive with illuminated indicators, colour, and mini oscilloscopes, providing instant visual feedback. The primary sound-design controls highlight the ‘four of everything’ nature of Sines; four LFOs with 14 wave shapes, four oscillators, and four envelope generators. At the core of each section are unique sine-wave oscillator waveshaping controls; feedback, phase, width, shape, wavefold, and drive, along with a sub and super sine-wave oscillators. Phase modulation and ratio controls allow oscillators to be configured in modulator/carrier arrangements for four-op DX/FM-style synthesis.

Sines also features Cherry Audio’s most extensive multimode filter to date, an arpeggio, a cherry-picked selection of Cherry Audio’s acclaimed effects, a drift function, and an eight-band graphic EQ. Many controls include an adjacent mod source button, and an outrageously comprehensive four-slot mod matrix provides considerable modulation options for nearly every Sines parameter.

“We’ve been looking forward to bringing another of our novel concepts to life following the stunning success of Dreamsynth, our first original synthesizer,” said Dan Goldstein, CTO and lead developer at Cherry Audio. “Sines was an ideal opportunity to merge West Coast and East Coast synthesis styles in a way anyone can immediately explore to create their own sounds.”

“The exciting aspect of Sines is that it’s like having three synthesizers in one,” added Mitchell Sigman, Lead Designer. “The subtractive aspect processes waveshaped sine waves through an analog-style filter. The additive approach allows stacking of sine waves like a super powered tone-wheel organ. And the oscillators can be configured to modulate each other for classic DX-style FM results. We can’t wait to hear what users do with Sines!”

Sines includes all of Cherry Audio’s usual features, including polyphonic aftertouch, MIDI Polyphonic Expression, flexible MIDI mapping, and its industry-leading preset browser with a massive library of over 700 presets created by our elite team of sound artists. Altogether, Sines is the complete package for new frontiers in sound design and performance.

Sines is available for US$39 in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and standalone formats, for macOS and Windows. It includes native support for Apple’s M1 processor and is already compatible with macOS 13 Ventura.
A free 30-day demo is available.


Cherry Audio: cherryaudio.com

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