6 September 2016


Exponential Audio has created what it calls the next generation of reverb. Taking much of its inspiration from the company’s PhoenixVerb plug-in, the new Nimbus has an expanded EQ section and a dynamics process called Tail Suppression that helps lower recerb levels when input signal is strong. Predelay and reverb delay can be locked to tempo and there are more choices for early reflection patterns. Finally, the new Warp section has an input compressor/expander, an overdrive circuit, and word-size reduction. The 1200 presets should help if you’re not one to care for all that tweak-ability. Exponential Audio says Nimbus is pretty CPU-light, and your DAW will handle dozens of instances without getting too taxed. You can try it out with a free 21-day demo available online. Nimbus will go for $199.

More info:
Exponential Audio: www.exponentialaudio.com


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