28 March 2017

radial engineering lx-2

Radial Engineering’s LX-2 passive line splitter is an easy way to make one signal two. The LX-2’s input accepts both balanced and unbalanced signals via XLR/TRS combo jack, which you can then split to two different destinations. A Jensen transformer inside gives wide frequency response and phase coherency while isolating the two outputs from each other to eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops. Ground lift switches on the two XLR outputs help further reduce ground loops noise. Hot signals can be attenuated with the trim control. The LX-2 is tough as steel (literally, 14-gauge steel) to ensure it continues to perform reliably night after night even on the most demanding tours. The book-ended design protects the connections and switches.

Radial released the LX-3 not long after the LX-2. It too is a passive line splitter, but with an extra output, so you can split an input signal to up to three destinations without the need for power. All the good stuff in the LX-2 lies in the LX-3 as well — a premium Jensen transformer, ground lift switches for each XLR output, and an input pad to back off hot levels.

Radial: www.radialeng.com
Australian Distributor: www.ambertech.com.au


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