6 April 2017

proco btiblox

ProCo Sound’s latest ingenious device is the RapcoHorizon BTIBLOX, premiered at NAB 2017 (Booth C1150). The BTIBLOX is a small box that lets you stream signals to it over Bluetooth. The single XLR male output can be hooked up to a mixer or recorder input. It’s designed for live events and presentations and easily pairs with most Bluetooth audio players, including smart phones and computers. It can operate on phantom power or its own internal rechargeable battery.

Darius Seabaugh, vice president of marketing for RHC Audio, says, “This new self-contained device allows users to simplify their audio streaming workflow by eliminating the need for multiple wires to connect to an audio device.”

RapcoHorizon’s BTIBLOX has a line-of-sight range of over 75ft to stream audio wirelessly. It is built to Bluetooth 4.2 specifications and is FCC and RoHS compliant.

ProCo: www.procosound.com


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