Plug-In Collective Gives Free Tape

Focusrite gives Plug-in Collective members Klevgrand’s DAW Cassette tape effect for free from 28th Jan through 25th March


5 February 2021

Klevgrand’s retro-flavoured tape deck emulation plug-in brings the nostalgic sound of a hi-fi cassette tape deck to your productions, with plenty of customisation options for both the deck itself and the tape running through it.

DAW Cassette’s front and back panel controls make it easy to to dial in tape degradation, adjust tape head alignment, reduce motor smoothness, and switch through the very different frequency responses of the Normal, Chrome and Metal tape types. You can even apply variable crosstalk between the left and right channels, skew the angle of the tape head to introduce phase issues, mix in white or pink noise, overdrive the input and further tweak the frequency response with a four-band graphic EQ.

Perfectly evocative in its authentic realisation of consumer-grade tape distortion, noise and wobble, DAW Cassette is a must-have for producers of synthwave, chillwave and lo-fi, and sound designers looking to bring a lo-fi, vintage or downright messed-up texture to any audio signal.

At the same time, Plug-in Collective members can also capitalise on a 40% discount in the Klevgrand store, applied when they redeem their DAW Cassette download code.

Key features:

  • Convincing emulation of cassette tape deck and tape
  • Normal, Chrome and Metal tape types
  • Tape, Head and Motor Quality controls
  • Adjustable white/pink noise generator
  • Variable channel crosstalk and tape head angle
  • Four-band graphic EQ
  • Input/Output Gain controls
  • Dry/Wet mix control and VU meters


Klevgrand: klevgrand.se
Focusrite: focusrite.com

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