13 December 2013

Chandler Plugin Logos


Chandler Limited, which is well known for its high-end, analogue signal processing equipment has entered into an agreement with Plugin Alliance LLC, (in conjunction with its engineering team Brainworx in Germany), to license, develop, market and sell audio plug-ins based on Chandler Limited’s hardware. Brainworx has been building a solid reputation for its emulations of analogue equipment and state-of-the-art digital algorithms that result in its growing range of plug-ins. Slightly surprising that of all the Chandler range, Brainworx plans to start with the GAV19T guitar amp and matching speaker cabinet, before moving on to model some of the company’s guitar pedals – you’d have expected maybe one of Chandler’s pro rackmount EQs or perhaps compressors to get the Plugin Alliance treatment first (and PA LLC already has its own BX_Rockrack amp plug-in, released in June last year). Then again, Brainworx says, “The GAV19T represents a very special approach to designing a fantastic sounding, great looking amp,” and believes it represents a great choice as a software plug-in. We’ll find out for ourselves somewhere around March-April next year, when Plugin Alliance expects the first products of this cooperative effort to become available. More info at www.plugin-alliance.com


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