25 July 2013

Nomad Factory Cosmos

It was over a year ago we told you about Nomad Factory’s Magma plug-in bundle which has no less than 65 included effects with some of them, as you might expect, being a little… let’s say esoteric. The latest plug-in from Nomad Factory is possibly in the same category. Cosmos is an audio “sweetening” plug-in that promises to faithfully emulate legendary audio hardware. It’s also touted as the ultimate tool for sonic enhancement and low-end fattening that will elevate the sound of your tracks to soaring new heights – you’re probably getting the idea by now. Cosmos achieves all this by using harmonic enhancement instead of traditional EQ boosting to bring out desirable frequencies. It can improve the sound quality of any audio source, including compressed mp3 files, podcasts and voice-over work. Cosmos also features a tunable synth sub-generator that can give your audio a huge boost in low frequencies – apparently audiophiles (that’s you, by the way) use this secret technique to fatten bass parts, kick drums and give mixes a thunderous bottom end. It may sound a bit plug-in pie-in-the-sky, but at US$149 Nomad Factory is quite serious and besides has a fine plug-in pedigree. You can always play it safe and download the demo first at www.nomadfactory.com



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