3 November 2017

nexo geo nxamps mk2

Nexo’s new NXAMP4x1 Mk2 and NXAMP4x2 Mk2 models are a step up from the original NXAMP range. Available as four-channel 1000W and four-channel 2000W 2U rack units, the Class D amps weigh in at 16kg and 16.6kg, respectively. They feature 32-bit/96k converters and 64-bit signal processing. A large LCD colour touch-screen on the front panel enables faster and easier navigation, giving direct access to all essential parameters including array EQ, mute and meters, EQ detail, inputs, load monitoring, scene, setup, system headroom, volume, gain and delays. A native dual Ethernet port offers seamless integration with Nexo’s proprietary NeMo system management software. Besides the four analogue inputs each amp has four digital inputs too — AES/EBU, EtherSound, Dante, or AES67. The NXAMP4x2 MK2 is a new design in the range that’s ideal for Nexo’s Geo Series of compact line array systems, and for the PS Series cabinets. It replaces the NXAMP4x1 model, which Nexo will continue to support as a legacy product.

Nexo: www.nexo-sa.com
Australian Distributor: www.grouptechnologies.com.au


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