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New AT 3000 W-IEM

Audio-Technica launches 3000 Series wireless in-ear monitor system


13 May 2022

Audio-Technica announces the launch of its new 3000 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitor System, created to bring professional sound quality and features to all levels of performers and performance venues. The ATW-3255 3000 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitor System is a durable in-ear monitor system that is easy to use and delivers high-quality sound with dependable RF across more than three times the tuning bandwidth of competitive models in its price range. 

With design elements modelled after Audio-Technica’s acclaimed 3000 Series UHF Wireless Microphone Systems, the 3000 Series IEM system features a rack-mount transmitter with front-panel controls and a large OLED display, compact body-pack receiver and ATH-E40 professional in-ear monitor headphones. The body-pack receiver’s efficient headphone amp and ATH-E40 headphone’s proprietary dual-phase push-pull drivers combine to provide a clear, natural sound quality on any stage.

The 3000 Series Wireless IEM offers UHF coverage for maximum versatility in the increasingly congested RF environment, spanning 650 to 693 MHz in frequency band EG2. Additional features include pan/personal mix controls; a cue mode that allows an audio engineer to monitor several IEM channels from a single receiver; a 3000 Link mode that enables compatibility with 3000 Series wireless microphone components; and network monitoring and control via the Audio-Technica Wireless Manager software. Both the transmitter and receiver include OLED screens for optimal readout of key settings and alerts, especially in low lighting situations. 

The body-pack receiver operates continuously for up to seven hours when powered by NiMH batteries and charged in the optional ATW-CHG3 or ATWCHG3N charging stations. For compatibility and convenience, these are the same chargers used by 3000 Series microphone systems’ UHF body-pack transmitters. The transmitter is equipped with balanced XLR inputs and loop output, plus a network port. 

“The system and feature set were developed based on market surveys and customer feedback gathered over a number of years,” stated Gary Boss, Audio-Technica U.S. Marketing Director. “We can confidently say that the feature-rich 3000 Series Wireless In-Ear Monitor System continues to deliver Audio-Technica’s promise of making high-quality, dependable audio accessible to all.”

The new 3000 Series In-Ear Monitor System contains the ATW-R3250 Receiver, ATW-T3205 Transmitter, and ATH-E40 Professional In-Ear Headphones and is priced at AU$1499.


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