23 January 2015


It’s been more than five years since Novation released its popular Launchpad, today the company announced a new ‘Pro’ version, in a bid to rival Ableton’s Push.

Featuring a similar grid-based design to the original, but with enhanced functionality such as RGB LED feedback,and pads that are both velocity & pressure-sensitive.

With four key modes: Session Mode – immediately trigger and combine your clips; Note Mode – create beats and play the grid just like an instrument; Device Mode – apply effects to your performance; User Mode – create unique custom performances and layouts


  • Integrate seamlessly with Ableton Live
  • Control a variety of other music software and external hardware
  • Play using RGB pads that match the color of your clips
  • Create expressive beats on drum racks spread across the whole 8 x 8 grid
  • Easily play notes, melodies and chords on an illuminated chromatic keyboard
  • Get immediate, slick access to all your mixer controls
  • Control your effects and instrument mid-performance
  • Download and control a growing library of Max for Live devices
  • Compact, lightweight, tough and bus-powered
  • Comes with everything you need to start



The Launchpad Pro will retail for US$300 when it’s released this Autumn. As usual, there’s no word on Australian prices, but we’ll update the article once it’s been announced. For more info, check: uk.novationmusic.com

Australian Distributor: Innovative Music, Ph: (03) 9540 0658, Email: info@innovativemusic.com.au, Web: www.innovativemusic.com.au


Excerpts from Press Release


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