Amphion One25A on Show at NAMM 2024

Amphion will be displaying the One25A, its first 3-way active studio monitor design.


12 January 2024

Amphion will be displaying the One25A, its first 3-way active studio monitor design. The product debuted at NAMM 2023 and has started shipping globally at the end of November 2023 after a year of touring the globe at trade shows including InterBEE Japan, Music China and Gearfest UK. The One25A will be on display and can be experienced at Booth 15514 in the North ACC Hall in Anaheim at the 2024 NAMM show.

The One25A is constructed of a sealed dual cabinet that employs internal bracing to not only stiffen the support structure, but also serve as a physical-energy dispersion filter. The glue-joints of the enclosure and how the sub-driver is connected to the bracing structure allows the mass of the sub-driver to control the resonance of the cabinet. Amphion also chose to place all the electronics outside the monitor in a well-isolated and removable enclosure to further eliminate any physical vibration and magnetic forces between the drivers. Following the same design philosophy as the passive crossover design that Amphion has perfected, the active monitor utilizes a simple, refined signal path avoiding unnecessary digital processing and conversions to maintain the highest possible level of resolution.

For safe user operation, Amphion included specially designed protection circuitry, which is kept separate from the audio signal path and remains inactive until limiting is needed. In order to ensure optimal performance in all rooms and soffit mounting applications, the One25A has an 8-step boundary control system for fine tuning the bass response below 150Hz. These feature sets combined with Amphion’s advanced acoustic design leads to full-range sound with depth and control, which needs to be heard to be believed.

“Excitement, amazement, even a positive shock, have been most general reactions among those, who have experienced the One25A first hand,” CEO Anssi Hyvönen shares. “It has become clear that One25A knows no boundaries, as feedback is equally overwhelming from all continents and audiences, pro and home listeners alike.”

Learn more about Amphion One25A: amphion.fi/one25a/


Sound and Music Australia: (03) 9555 8081

Website: sound-music.com

25–28 January 2024
Anaheim Convention Center • Southern California

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