24 January 2014

Manley Core for web


Manley Laboratories has developed an analogue channel strip called Core which the company says combines the “greatest hits” of Manley’s existing signal processing devices with fresh technology all in the one device. The Manley Core is a microphone preamplifier, compressor, equaliser, and limiter combo-unit with an intuitive design – “intuitive” being a word that should always makes users a little wary. It gets worse in that regard – Core incorporates musical and “forgiving” circuitry, whatever that is, although it apparently allows the user to concentrate on performance rather than be lost in a sea of knobs (actually, most of us are at our happiest surrounded by a million knobs, faders and buttons, and we’ll never, ever admit to being lost – even if we are). Anyway, regardless of any ill-conceived marketing hype, we’re talking about Manley here and we have no doubt the Core will be an impressive bit of kit indeed. Don’t forget, Manley equipment is hand crafted southern California by people who live and breathe high tech audio gear. It’ll be interesting to see how many Manley fans agree with that “greatest hits” thang. For more information, you won’t find anything on www.manley.com yet, but it can’t be far away.

Australian Distributor: Audio Chocolate www.audiochocolate.com.au



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