Issue 91

MatrixBrute Noir Emerges From Shadows

Novation’s most powerful analog monophonic synthesiser, now covered in a sleek black coat and upgraded with new presets.


18 June 2021

This beastly synth offers a 100% analog audio signal with true analog effects, perfect for those who want to push the authentic synth experience to the max. MatrixBrute boasts three Brute oscillators, a dual Steiner-Parker & ladder filter, and the unstoppable modulation matrix – a truly expressive and limitless sound-sculpting machine.

Sonic crafting, expanded

At the heart of MatrixBrute, the modular synth setup is combined with a matrix, allowing users to carve their own sonic path in exquisite, intricate, complex detail. Sound explorers can traverse undiscovered soundscapes with 64 additional presets; ranging from soft, eerie whispers to full-on earth-shaking bass.

To push MatrixBrute’s sonic envelope even further, two new free sound banks will accompany the launch of the Noir edition:

Kinescope – Indulge in an auditory trip into the world of cinematic sound of Kinescope, ranging from avant-garde musical textures to workshop foley effects – crafted with MatrixBrute. Complex modular-style patches, acoustic & analog instrument emulations, and an array of life-inspired ambiences; an entire film soundtrack available at the touch of a button.

Brute Alchemy – The base elements of synthesis are ready to be melded and combined into any song or composition. Stock up on the essential ingredients for any sonic recipe with a versatile selection of MatrixBrute patches, including glassy FM sounds, stadium prog-rock analog, the nostalgic basslines of house music, and more. Timbres inspired by the most iconic synth sounds of all time, evolved with MatrixBrute’s powerful modulation and expression controls.


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Issue 91