31 March 2014

Outline PA


Outline used Musikmesse to launch a whole bunch of new products. The EIDOS X123W is a multi-purpose cabinet design using co-axial driver technology with a 12-inch/3-inch LF/HF design. The EIDOS 6.5 is a compact 6.5-inch + 1-inch module designed for installation purposes – available in virtually any colour to match surroundings (Outline may come to regret that offer). The EIDOS 12 SP contains a 12-inch LF transducer and 1.75-inch compression driver powered by internal Class D amplifiers. Outline’s Movie Series adds the FX 101, designed as a surround-sound module for deployment in cinema applications. The DBS 18-2i subwoofer is the latest Outline product to feature its ‘Decoupled Baffle Subwoofer’ design. Designed for permanent installations, dual 18-inch long-excursion transducers produce up to 141dB SPL peak at 1m. A new iP24 iMode digital processor is a multi-role 2-input/4-output DSP loudspeaker controller in a single rackspace design. Finally the new FRM-GTO-LW lightweight (50Kg / 110lb) flybar complements both the new GTO C-12 and the existing GTO line-array systems as it allows up to 12 and 9 elements respectively to be flown from a single 1-tonne motor. Its design also allows it to be used as a ground-stack base on occasions when flying is not possible.

Australian Distributor: Ambient Technology www.ambienttechnology.com.au


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