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24 October 2013

EdiLoad Screen Shot


Local software developer Mark Franken and his company Sounds In Sync, an Avid third-party developer creating applications for Pro Tools, has announced the release of EdiLoad version 3, the latest update of its Edit List Toolkit for sound editors. One key improvement for EdiLoad v3 is the added option to compare multi-layer edit lists when pictures are updated. Other key features include you can use the ‘Match Name’ field to store clean Clip Names when comparing visual fx shots, and test VFX clip name cleaning settings before performing a compare. Multiple old versions can be compared to easily find deleted shots, and where possible you can compensate for changes to pictures running at different speeds. Changes can be displayed graphically in an overview window and you can use a unique comparison algorithm to find changes between multi-layer edit lists. EdiLoad 3 requires Intel OS X 10.6.0 and above including 10.8 or Windows 7 (32/64 bit). It works with Pro Tools 8.0 and above, however Pro Tools 10 and above is recommended. And you’ll need a 2nd generation USB iLok for trial and full licenses. Full information including a three day trial download is at www.soundsinsync.com


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