KORG Collection 3

Now with native Apple Silicon support and VST3


26 April 2022

The KORG Collection accurately reproduces a selection of the manufacturer’s renowned synthesisers. Created under the supervision of the synthesisers’ original developers and advisors, this collection offers the “real thing” in software form, and is only available from KORG. The analog models included in this collection use KORG’s renowned CMT (Component Modelling Technology) to deliver a unique, organic, and unpredictable analog feel.

These historic keyboard sounds can be found in the updated Collection 3 which has been opened up to native Apple Silicon support and VST3 meaning that it can be used with the latest machines and DAWs. This update is available for free with the latest KORG Software Pass or on the KORG ID website.

The full collection models the circuitry of the following analog synthesisers: miniKORG 700S, Prophecy, TRITON Extreme, TRITON, ARP Odyssey, MS-20, Polysix, Mono/Poly, M1, WAVESTATION, and MDE-X.


Korg: korg.com
Australian Distributor: cmi.com.au

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