Issue 94

New Korg opsix mk II Synthesizer

Korg's new Altered FM Synthesizer promises to be a synth like no other.


23 January 2024

A Full-Spectrum Sound Experience

opsix mk II is a digital synth like no other. Based on the sound engine of the original opsix, the number of simultaneous voices and voicings has been expanded to an astounding 64 voices. The result is superior performance and precise control.

The opsix Operator Mixer simplified FM synthesis for the first time, making it not just comprehensible but also controllable. With the addition of extra synthesis capabilities and programming, it offered a more efficient workflow and an even richer sound.

And, it is fully compatible with the sounds and samples from both the original opsix and the opsix Native software, including numerous high-quality libraries.

The opsix mk II has 64 voices, twice as many as the original 32 voices, allowing users to enjoy tone editing without having to worry about the number of simultaneous voices. In addition, the operator-mixer section, the most distinctive feature of this product, has been accented with a new image colour.

Key Features

– Evolved to an astounding 64 voices
– Get Illuminated with the Operator Mixer
– Direct Hands-on Control
– Six in One Synthesis
– Altered FM architecture delivers sounds across a vast spectrum
– Powerful Effects Processing
– Automatable 16-step sequencer
– Monster Modulation Matrix
– Dice to generate new, unique sounds
– Free Librarian Software
– Many ready-to-go sound packs are now available at KORG Shop
– Special crossgrade to opsix native (software)


CMI Music and Audio: (03) 9315 2244



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