Ultra-Portable Pro-Mixer

Teenage Engineering’s palm-sized audio interface and mixer


26 April 2022

TX-6 is Teenage Engineering’s new portable, battery-powered mixer and multi-channel audio interface. Comparable to larger units, but with even more tech packed into one small device, the TX-6 allows you to mix 6 stereo input channels, use tempo sync, access the internal synthesiser and sequencer, or use the built-in tuner. MFi compatibility also lets you connect to your iOS devices.

Smallest Of Its Kind
TX-6 features a 6 channel stereo mixer with a configurable knob layout. Choose to have the three-band eq at your fingertips, or customise each knob to control whichever setting you prefer. There is certainly more than meets the eye, as the TX-6 is packed with features and connectivity options.

Technical Specifications:
• 6 stereo input connectors
• 2 stereo output connectors
• 1 stereo headphones connector with headset microphone support
• USB audio / midi interface
• Rechargeable battery
• Bluetooth low energy radio interface
• 8h battery life
• 48×64 pixel monochrome display

Inputs and outputs:
• 32-bit/48kHz usb interface
• 3.5 mm mini jack to 6.3 mm jack
• Headset mic input
• Aux output
• Connect to iPhone, lightning cable
• Stereo or mono for each input

• 90 mm (102 mm with adapter) x 62 mm x 23 mm
• 64×48 pixels oled display

Audio inputs:
• Impedance 10 kOhm
• Analog gain 0 – 42 dB
• Max level 8 dBu, 2 Vrms
• TLV320ADC3140 burr-brown
• SNR ~ 102 dBA

Audio output (main and aux):
• Max level 8 dBu, 2 Vrms
• Cirrus logic masterhifi CS43131
• SNR > 120 dBA

Audio output (cue):
• Max level 2 dBu, 1 Vrms
• Cirrus logic CS47L35
• SNR > 110 dBA
• Handling


Teenage Engineering: teenage.engineering
Australian Distributor: innovativemusic.com.au

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