6 November 2013

Little Bits image


You’re not going to glue together your very own, home-built Kronos any time soon, but it seems Korg might have been impressed enough to put its name to a LittleBits initiative that has created the LittleBits Korg Synth Kit. LittleBits produces an array of electronic modules, bundled as kits, that click or link to each other using magnets in whatever fashion needed (rather than messing about with circuit boards and a soldering iron) to make electronic… gadgets. Now it’s about to release a range of oscillators, filters, envelopes and so on, we’ll assume co-manufactured by Korg, all of which can be plugged into each other Lego-like to build your own synth. It’s still early days and a bit difficult to determine just how much Korg has been involved in the development of the LittleBits Korg Synth Kit – word is it’s not an “official” Korg product. Perhaps the legal sharks are circling LittleBits right now? You can see a rather dodgy demonstration video here and the page includes links to LittleBits’ Japanese web page (good luck with translating that).


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