JBL Pro IRX Series Powered Subwoofer

Newest addition IRX115S to IRX Series of portable P.A.s extends system low-frequency response to 35 Hz up to 128dB


22 October 2020

The JBL IRX115S powered subwoofer draws from JBL’s top professional touring technologies to deliver superior sound without the guesswork, thanks to its custom driver and amplifier designs; tuned, ported enclosure; and built-in crossover and polarity settings. It all adds up to an impressive 128 dB of deep, powerful low-frequency coverage in a rugged, compact cabinet weighing just 65.3 pounds.

“With our IRX Series, we’ve drawn from 70 years of JBL innovation to design a portable P.A. that’s lightweight, powerful and doesn’t take a lot of work to sound great,” says Craig Lambrecht, Director, Portable P.A.s,  Harman. “JBL IRX Series loudspeakers already deliver stunning sound in a compact footprint. By adding the IRX115S subwoofer, users can enhance their systems with room-shaking bass, without breaking anyone’s budget—or back.” 

The IRX115S leverages more than 70 years of JBL speaker innovation to deliver superior fidelity, range and output. Inside, a powerful 15” woofer with 3” voicecoil produces coverage from 35 Hz to 147 Hz (-10 dB); a high-efficiency, 1,300-watt amplifier protects components while ensuring high-level acoustic performance. Selectable 80 Hz, 100 Hz and 120 Hz crossover points smooth out system response, especially when used with JBL IRX Series loudspeakers; a tuned port optimises response and reduces woofer noise.

With the IRX115S, perfect sound is just a button-push away. Simple, intuitive settings adjust crossover and polarity to optimise system response in any space. Pair the IRX115S with the 8-inch IRX108BT and 12-inch IRX112BT powered loudspeakers and access Bluetooth audio streaming, dbx automatic feedback suppression, ducking and EQ presets that’ll have you instantly sounding your best.

The innovations don’t stop at acoustics: A durable MDF enclosure features a tight-gauge, reinforced honeycomb grille that offers rugged protection without compromising acoustic performance. A built-in pole mount expands system configuration options. Transport is easy, thanks to thoughtfully designed ergonomic handles. And, like every JBL product, the IRX115S undergoes JBL’s legendary 100-hour stress test to ensure it’ll actually perform under real-world stressors.

JBL IRX Series powered P.A.s offer legendary JBL fidelity, power and ease of use at a fraction of the price and size of comparable systems. Budget-conscious musicians, DJs, presenters and fitness instructors can count on versatile, full-featured JBL IRX Series portable P.A.s to deliver stunning sound, no audio engineer necessary.

The JBL IRX115S will be available in Q4 2020.


JBL Pro: jblpro.com
Australian Distributor: cmi.com.au

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