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JBL Pro Connect Version 2 Now Available

JBL Pro Connect V2 offers new features and controls.


27 March 2024

HARMAN Professional Solutions announced the launch of JBL Pro Connect V2, the newest version of its universal control application for streamlined management of select JBL portable PA speakers and systems. The new edition includes a variety of robust features and enhancements to further simplify hands-on control over a full-suite of mixer, DSP, and Bluetooth features.

V2 features include a new Demo Mode for touring of app capabilities and the ability to configure system settings and presets without needing to be connected to a Pro Connect-enabled speaker. Full Screen Mode enhances resolution for editing and adjusting controls, and Snapshot Language Support adds the convenience of saving snapshots in select local languages. A number of additional enhancements and performance improvements are also included.

Available for Android and iOS devices, JBL Pro Connect ensures that supported speakers and systems can be utilized to their full potential. Setting volume and adjusting EQ, activating Lexicon reverb and effects and dbx Digital DriveRack signal processing, customized ducking, saving and recalling presets, and more are all included features.

The app also offers a choice of pre-loaded presets for accessing popular control features like input EQ, dynamics, gates, limiters, and chorus delay. A variety of even deeper presets for EQ, gate, compressor, tap, delay, reverb, chorus, output limiter, output EQ, and more are also included. App-exclusive features and settings include snapshots, multi-speaker grouping, tap tempo, and more.

“This app was designed to be an ever-evolving platform that can grow with the changing needs of mobile professionals,” said Brandon Knudsen, Senior Product Manager, Portable PA Loudspeakers. “We are continually evaluating new features that will benefit our users most and then working to transition these improvements into the app. I encourage everyone to download Pro Connect V2 and explore all the new enhancements.”

JBL Pro Connect is free for life and more speakers and systems are continually expanding the Pro Connect ecosystem. From professional musicians and DJs to presenters, instructors and novices alike, JBL Pro Connect eases speaker setup and management and empowers users to have complete control of their portable PA experience.


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Issue 94