18 March 2014

Drawmer 1973


On its website Drawmer goes to some lengths to explain how multiband compressors work, and why anyone should want one. Don’t worry, most of us have been fiddling for 10 years with plug-in varieties of multiband comps and already have a rough idea, and just looking at this Drawmer 1973 might be all the excuse you need to reach for the wallet. The Drawmer 1973 is a stereo, three band FET compressor that owes some of its pedigree to Drawmer’s S3,1960 and 1968 models. It also includes more than a few features that we’re used to seeing in the virtual world such as a Mute/Bypass switch on each band and a variable crossover point on either side of the midrange section. The low band has a “Big” switch for enhancing bottom end and likewise the high band has an “Air” switch. Output stage offers a wet/dry mix and a make-up gain control. The entire unit can be bypassed and the two VU meters should keep you occupied for hours. At a guess, the Drawmer 1973 will sell in bucketloads. Full specs and that lesson on multiband compressors are on www.drawmer.com 

Australian Distributor: Studio Connections www.studioconnections.com.au


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