31 May 2013

Drawmer MC 21 Studio Monitor Switcher

Drawmer’s new active MC2.1 three-way monitor controller is designed to be as electronically transparent as possible, with an ultra-low-noise specification and built-in low-hum switchable linear power supply. There are four inputs and up to three pairs of stereo speakers, plus a mono subwoofer, may be connected and active at any one time in any combination, making it suitable for A/B mix or monitor comparisons. Level trims for each individual channel ensure that any output discrepancies in the connected speakers can be compensated for, and two headphone amplifiers and a talkback microphone, all with individual level controls, are also built in. The two main inputs, and all of the balanced stereo outputs, are high-grade Neutrik XLR connectors. Input 2 is a ‘Combi’ XLR/jack, whilst the Aux input is via left/right phono connectors or a stereo 3.5mm jack, allowing the easy connection of sub-mixers, laptops, record decks or other audio sources. Front panel switches can individually activate and deactivate the connected audio sources and output speaker pairs. Phase Reverse and Mono summing buttons are also included. Finally the unit has timed relay protection on all speaker outputs. See www.drawmer.com for full specs.

AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR: Studio Connections www.studioconnections.com.au



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