28 July 2017

apogee element ensemble thunderbolt

Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt and Element Series audio interfaces now offer Direct Monitoring support in Apple’s Logic Pro X (10.3.2) that easily eliminates recording latency with the simple click of a button. Pressing the new Direct button causes your monitoring signal to come directly from the hardware input, bypassing any I/O buffer or plug-in induced latency. It solves the problem of distracting latency while tracking, as well as keeping everything in the one application.

The newly-implemented Direct button is found in Logic’s Channel Strip Audio Device Controls, where Apogee hardware input parameters including mic pre gain, input type selection and others are currently found. This simplified user experience allows customers working with Apogee hardware and Logic Pro X to focus on a single session window when recording, and offers complete visibility and control of input parameters, and now unprecedented flexibility and control over recording latency.

This direct monitoring feature comes with a free software update available now for all Ensemble and Element users on macOS 10.10 or higher. Other additions include the ability to connect two Ensemble Thunderbolt interfaces to your Mac to double your analogue I/O, and the ability to connect any Element interface to an Ensemble Thunderbolt for more I/O expansion. You also get app control via the iOS remote app and the all-new Apogee Control software replaces Maestro 2 for Ensemble users.

Apogee: www.apogee.com
Australian Distributor: www.sounddistribution.com.au


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