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August 4, 2014

Sean Caskey (image: Weekend Edition)

In-between touring and recording, Sean Caskey, lead singer of Brisbane’s Last Dinosaurs has been designing his own brand of guitar effect pedals, which he’s now made available to purchase. 

Sean cooked up Ryusuke Effects (his brand) in his workshop, creating and designing each of the six products in its range. Sean also builds all of the pedals (for purchases) himself and has stated “they are the best guitar effects pedals available” (well, of course he would say that).

He also offers to create customised pedals if you want one, or re-creations of more expensive designs (he calls them clones). Although, cloning pedals could become a copyrights nightmare, so we’ll refer to his custom re-creations as ‘homages’ instead.

Sean's design workshop (image: Ryusuke Effects)
Sean’s design workshop (image: Ryusuke Effects)

The Ryusuke Range:

Sense: “Designed to bring the lush tones out of your guitar and make it sing for a thousand decades. Based off the classic red Dyna Comp, the Sense compressor gives you the pleasant light limiting to that thick heavy squashing but with some tonal variety on top” Priced at Au$180.

Ivory: “The Ivory overdrive is a low to medium gain overdrive designed to emulate a vintage Fender amp. This is the pedal that I use on my pedal board as my one and only overdrive. I leave it on at all times and engage the boost channel for some more drive when needed. The Ivory is designed to accentuate the sparkle in your guitars’ tone.” Priced at $AU180.

Evie: “Combining the magic of the Stream overdrive and the Ivory drive, Evie is a dual channel overdrive designed to give you a couple of overdrive options.” Priced at AU$160.

Wellness: “The Wellness buffer is a clone [aka homage] of the buffer circuit in the legendary Klon Centaur overdrive. This overdrive is considered to be one of the best in the world and can be worth up to $2000.00 these days. Part of the reason why this pedal is so damn good is due to it’s very well designed buffer circuit. It’s a very small pedal so it won’t take up much space on your board, but it’ll be a very important addition.” Priced at AU$50 (currently on-sale).

Stream: “Bright yet transparent overdrive to a nice tube sounding drive…I built this pedal with the aim of getting that classic Strokes style of overdrive. Little bit of dirty distortion with the harmonic clarity to be able to hear every note in the chord.” Priced at AU$140.

Hologram: “The Hologram digital delay is probably my favourite build. Based on the PT2399 chip, the Hologram is designed to be a swiss army knife of delay pedals with it’s features tweaked in the sweet spots. Dial up the repeats in the warm analogue mode and send it into self oscillation to make those crazy delay feedback noises. Or switch into digital mode and you have a chimey, crisp delay.” Priced at AU$200.

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