15 July 2016


Audinate’s release of Dante Controller 3.10 has a few new capabilities, not the least of which is the awaited ability to control Dante networks over wi-fi. Hook up a wireless access point to the network and you can tweak away without having an Ethernet cable plugged into your laptop.

There are also several more filtering options — super useful for when you need to configure or alter one or two points in a large Dante network without scrolling a mile. Filter parameters include device and channel names, sample rate, latency settings and lock status.

Device locking is now supported for Dante-enabled equipment. This lets you remotely PIN-protect hardware and software devices from within Dante controller. When locked, a device’s configuration cannot be changed until it’s unlocked again with the same PIN. This gives an added layer of protection against accidental or intentional tampering with a pre-configured network. Manufacturers of Dante-enabled products will beed to update their firmware to Dante firmware release 3.10 to allow Device Lock capability.

More info:
Audinate: www.audinate.com


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