Yamaha RUio16-D Dante VST3 Interface

VST3 Plug-ins come to Dante-based audio systems with rugged little box from Yamaha, bringing broad audio processing to Dante systems


18 January 2022

Yamaha launches the RUio16-D/VST Rack Pro solution, which allows users to add VST3 plug-ins to any Dante-based audio system and is small, light and rugged enough to be part of every sound engineer’s toolkit.

Measuring just 180 x 125 x 42mm, the low-latency RUio16-D can be connected to a Windows PC or Apple Mac computer via USB, working seamlessly with VST Rack Pro software (license included), to easily add VST3 plug-in functionality to Dante-based audio systems. It radically expands the range of sound creation options in any live sound situation, for streaming and many other audio applications. As well as digital audio systems, it can also be used with analogue mixing consoles.

The straightforward PC/Mac user interface of VST Rack Pro makes it simple to use VST3 plug-ins, even in the most presurised live situations, allowing performers to use the same plug-ins they use when recording. It can also manage custom presets by rack, effect and scene, contributing to shorter setup times.

As well as allowing engineers to use their favourite VST3 plug-ins, VST Rack Pro is bundled with more than 30 high-quality plug-ins from Yamaha and Steinberg. These include hardware emulations of classic compressors and equalisers using Yamaha Virtual Circuitry Modelling (VCM), as well as the industry-leading REV-X reverbs. Bundled Steinberg plug-ins include versatile sound-shapers like Quadrafuzz v2, the REVerence sampling reverb and VST Amp Rack, problem solvers like Cloner, the MultibandEnvelopeShaper and SuperVision, an unrivalled suite of visual monitoring tools.

The RUio16-D provides 16 inputs and 16 outputs of Dante, a high quality mic pre-amp and two inputs and outputs of analogue audio with phantom power, enabling it to be used as an interface for acoustic measurements. It also features an independent gain control with pad switch for each analogue input, switched Monitor/Dante/USB output level control and a headphone output with volume control.

It also includes a Bypass USB utility function, which bypasses the VST3 plug-ins without interrupting the sound, automatically adjusting the output volume to a preconfigured SPL to ensure the performance continues seamlessly.

“VST Rack Pro is powered by Steinberg’s audio engine and fuelled with premium VST3 plug-ins – live sound will be taken to a new level of quality”, says Timo Wildenhain, Head of Professional Audio at Steinberg.

“At Yamaha, we strive to improve the mixing environment for all applications by providing new and flexible tools for sound engineers,” says Chihaya “Chick” Hirai, Yamaha General Manager of the PA Marketing & Sales Department. “We are pleased to offer the RUio16-D/VST Rack Pro solution, a new partner for audio professionals which is designed to be compatible with a wide range of tasks and applications, assisting them as their needs become more diverse. “For customers who have invested in Dante mixers and cards, it also means that they can enhance their sound creation possibilities with less investment than alternative methods. We will continue to listen to the opinions of our customers and work hard to provide the most flexible, user-friendly solutions.”



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