29 October 2013



Soundcraft have just released two new option cards for the Si Expression and Si Performer. First, the Multi Digital Card provides users with the ability to record from their console, and also playback audio channels from a digital audio workstation. The Multi Digital Card features USB and Firewire (1394) Connectivity (only one option can be used at a time) that provides 32 channels in and out of the console for recording and playback from your PC or Mac based Digital Audio Workstation. This increases the possibilities for the consoles to be able to record a live performance, or utilise backing tracks or playback from your system when needed for any live production. In addition to the USB/Firewire, the card also features ADAT in and out connectors providing 8 channels of input and output. Note that PCs will allow recording and playback from both the USB and Firewire connectors, while the Mac uses the Firewire only. The second new card is Soundcraft’s new Dante card allowing integration of the Si Expression or Si Performer into a Dante network. The card provides 64 channels in and 64 channels out allowing other Dante enabled products to receive or transmit to the Si series consoles. Prices in Australia are $625 (MDC) and $2375 (Dante) including GST. Full specs can be found at www.soundcraft.com 

Australian Distributor: Jands info@jands.com.au.


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