Issue 91

Creative Sound Mangling on Synergy Core

Antelope Audio works with Inertia Sound to bring Instinct creative signal processing effect plug-in to the Synergy Core engine of Antelope Audio’s audio interfaces. 


2 September 2020

By being billed as a Living Organism of Drive, Dynamics, and Tone, Instinct Synergy certainly delivers on all counts. The effect excels when used for dynamics processing, tone shaping, or adding gritty distortion. Indeed, it can be used in a sound design capacity by bringing underlying transients to the fore or building up weaker sounds. Saying that, Instinct Synergy works equally well when used as a mixing tool. The results usually vary from smooth saturation to extremely distorted and noisy breathing sounds, with wide dynamics and a very rich frequency spectrum.

Thanks to Antelope Audio’s inbuilt Synergy Core effects platform, owners of those devices can load Instinct Synergy and monitor their signal with imperceptible latency without adding extra load to the host computer. Clearly, applying the effect in real-time to solo instruments or instrument groups means users of any of those audio interfaces are able to find creative solutions faster and commit to their sound earlier in the process.

The Synergy Core edition of this plug remains the same: an ability to control tone, drive, and drive circuit parameters dynamically, based on a modulation signal that is created by the shaping or sculpting of the intensity envelope of the ’scuplt’ section input. This feature pumps the musical heart of Instinct Synergy, making it sound as alive as it does. Applying that ‘mod’ signal to the drive circuit’s ‘gain’ parameter produces a drive/transient shaper effect. Signal flow throughout the modules is flexible, filters are virtual analogue-modelled, and resampling is super high-quality.

Antelope Audio’s Instinct Synergy comes complete with many preprogrammed presets, varying from smooth warm dynamics to more creative, wild, and noisy tones. These can be a good starting point for both mixing and sound design.


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Issue 91