14 April 2014

Violet Design Maestro for web


Microphones hand-made in Latvia… your studio can probably have bragging rights just for being able to claim some of your mics hail from that part of the world where they wear those huge, furry bear-skin hats in winter. To confuse the facts, Violet Designs is based in Tallinn, which is actually on the coast of Latvia’s northern neighbor Estonia – yep, break out Google maps. Violet Designs creates some very cool-looking hand-made mics and has just added two new models, the Maestro and the Atomic. The Maestro is designed as an all-round studio mic combining a dual-membrane VD27 capsule and a discrete Class-A preamplifier with transformerless output. The Atomic uses a single-membrane VD21 capsule for a warm-sounding condenser microphone good for vocal recording. You can order a matched pair of the Atomic, if you like. In the Violet Design scheme of things both these mics are nearer the bottom end of the price range although the Euro exchange rate will have something to say about that. Violet Designs offers world shipping, but you’ll have to wait until May for the Maestro and Atomic. Check out the entire catalogue at www.violet-design.com

Violet Designs Atomic for web


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