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29 September 2014

There’s been some massive news from Bitwig today, with the announcement of Bitwig Studio 1.1, an upgrade which is currently in closed beta.
Ehsan Gelsi from Innovative Music was lucky enough to get hold of a special copy and has said:

“This will be a very major update, delivering a great many of the requested features, and some new approaches to sound design and composition within Bitwig.”
Adding, “And with the huge number of user and manufacturer created controller scripts – the functionality you can extract from your MIDI controller, straight out of the box, is pretty astonishing.”

New Features:

  • Multi Out VST routing
  • Crossfader
  • New Timestretch modes
  • Free MIDI routing between channels – route track note output to any other track
  • Free Audio routing between channels
  • Access individual channels, VST outs, Drum Machine cells etc. as sources for routing (huge)
  • VST Sidechaining
  • VST effect chains
  • A whole lot of additions to the API
  • New devices – De-Esser, Audio Router, MIDI router, Note MOD etc.

You can read our review of Bitwig Studio, here.

For those using Launchpad, Ehsan tells us that there is a clever user over on the KVR forums, who has expanded the LP script. Changing it from just a clip launching unit with some added functionality, into an incredibly powerful all-in-one controller for composition, mixing and performance. You can access that thread, by clicking here.
There’s no word as yet for when Bitwig Studio 1.1 will be available, but if it’s in beta, it can’t be too far away.
Australian Distributor:
Innovative Music: (03) 9540 0658

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    1. Yea, we don’t have a link to the script sorry. You’ll have to search through the KVR forum for that.

    2. We don’t have a link to the script sorry. You’ll have to search through the KVR forum to find it.

  1. Nope, no rex files at this stage – but there are a million plugins that will juggle them for you so no massive hiccup. Instead you get Bitwig’s enormous power over audio at the clip level – a new way of interacting with audio clips and tracks where everything is able to be non-destructively sliced’n’diced anywhere, anytime, on any track, audio or instrument or master.
    Also no ReWire – which certainly some people do miss. However Jack gives much of the same functionality, and here we have a solution which runs on 3 platforms including Linux. So what with ReWire not existing on the Linux platform, afaik it couldn’t be the solution – BWS was advertised from the earliest as supporting Linux. Ultimately BWS is really shaping up to just be the fasted brain-to-music platform out there. The Wigs have done incredible work on the update/bug-squashing front and are very responsive. It can’t be all things to all people, but as a new DAW it’s very fast and powerful, and makes getting your ideas down supremely easy, has some excellent sounding built-in devices, and as at v1 is looking better and better every month.

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Issue 80
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