10 January 2018

Waves Audio and Apogee announce the availability of Apogee’s Symphony I/O Mk II multi-channel audio interface with Waves SoundGrid connectivity.

The Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II features Apogee’s newest flagship AD/DA conversion, modular I/O (available in multiple I/O configurations: 2×6, 8×8, 16×16), intuitive touchscreen display and optional microphone preamps.

Waves SoundGrid is a real-time processing and networking platform that allows your DAW to offload its plug-in processing. With a simple Ethernet connection, the Symphony I/O brings ultimate sound quality to the infinite possibilities of a Waves SoundGrid network system. Now, you can easily connect multiple spaces and multiple workstations, and experience almost infinite DSP power to build an audio network solution. Add a network switch to connect several interfaces, additional workstations, and external DSP power to offload your DAW’s processing, making it possible to run hundreds of SoundGrid-compatible plugins simultaneously.

The Symphony I/O Mk II can also be used with Waves’ eMotion LV1 software mixer. Waves’ eMotion LV1 comes in three configurations: 64, 32 or 16 stereo/mono input channels. It uses the SoundGrid infrastructure for audio networking and can be controlled by hardware control surfaces and multi-touch devices, ranging from multiple 5-point touchscreens to a single laptop or tablet. Combined with a SoundGrid enabled Symphony I/O Mk II and Waves plugins, you can now have access to a superior sounding live system for a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Waves to bring a SoundGrid-enabled Symphony I/O Mk II to Apogee and Waves customers”, commented Sean McArthur, Director of Marketing for Apogee Electronics. “Symphony I/O Mk II is a flagship product that reflects more than 30 years of our expertise in making superior digital audio recording interfaces and it’s a platform we are still building on. Adding SoundGrid connectivity to Symphony offers customers the best of both worlds in professional audio quality and ultra-low latency plugin processing over a network. It’s an ideal solution for studio recording and live sound production.”   

Mick Olesh, Waves EVP of Sales & Marketing, comments, “We are delighted to collaborate with Apogee and offer Waves SoundGrid technology and the use of Waves plugins to the Symphony I/O Mk II, thus augmenting its capabilities and offering users, whether in studio or live, a substantial increase in its ability to network easily, a valuable high channel count per connection and extremely low latency.”

The combination of the Symphony I/O Mk II with Waves SoundGrid technology has generated ultimate sound quality with powerful DSP enabled networking.

Waves: www.waves.com
Australian Distributor: www.sound-music.com
Apogee: www.apogeedigital.com
Australian Distributor: www.sounddistribution.com.au


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