Apogee Launches Jam+ Instrument Interface


15 October 2018

Apogee has announced the all new Jam+ portable USB instrument input and output. Jam+ connects your electric guitar, bass, keyboard or any acoustic instrument with a pickup, directly to your iOS device, Mac, or Windows PC. You can also connect a dynamic microphone using an adapter that’s sold separately.

In 2010, Jam was introduced in Apple stores worldwide as the first studio quality digital instrument input to connect guitars to GarageBand on iOS devices and Mac computers.

Jam+ continues the evolution in the series by bringing the latest advances in Apogee’s design and engineering to an all new metal chassis with enhanced PureDIGITAL circuitry for the greatest true-tone audio resolution.

What’s new about Jam+?

  • Stereo output connects to headphones or powered speakers
  • Low latency monitoring with Blend feature
  • Dual input modes, Clean and Drive
  • Drive mode gives you overdrive tone that makes virtual amplifiers and effects pedals sound more realistic
  • Rugged metal body with soft touch base and three multicolour LED indicators


Apogee: www.apogeedigital.com
Australian Distributor: linkaudio.com.au

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