Angry Audio Headphone Disconnector

Simple “why have I not thought of that??” problem solver is like MagSafe for your ‘phones; magnetic release of cable when pulled.


6 October 2021

Angry Audio’s minimalist cable accessory inserts between your equipment and your headphone cable. The magnetic coupled connector is designed to release gracefully when force is applied to the cable. This prevents damage to your headphones, cables and equipment (and possibly to you as well).

The magnets of Headphone Disconnector have been carefully engineered for the optimum holding strength. Strong enough to stay together during normal use, but weak enough to come apart quickly in the event of excessive force. Additionally, the magnets are keyed to prevent backward attachment of contacts.

The Disconnector is available with 1/4inch or 1/8inch (6.3mm and 3.5mm) connectors. There are even versions that can be used as adapters to convert a plug in one size to a jack in a different size.


Angry Audio: angryaudio.com
Australian Distributor: proaudiotv.com.au

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