30 May 2013

S3L AvidAvid will set tongues wagging with its new S3L live sound system. It’s a modular, all-networked system based around a 16-fader control surface (not console) called the S3 that’s small enough to tuck under your arm. It connects via Ethernet to the Stage 16 remote I/O boxes that can be daisy-chained up to four times for 64 input channels in total (with eight outputs per box) — making the system scalable. The overall system runs on a 32-bit floating point, HDX-powered mix engine called the E3 Engine running Venue software and AAX DSP plug-ins (you get 12 bundled plug-ins, including Pultec, LA-2A and tape emulations). It’s capable of handling 24 aux buses, LCR, eight mono matrices and eight VCAs on top of the 64 input channels. And the compact S3 will be a EUCON-enabled control surface (it’s listed as a future feature, but since the S3L won’t be available until Q3 maybe Avid will sneak it through in time) allowing it to control the bundled ProTools software, making the S3L system an integrated live sound mixing and recording package. The size and modular design has Avid promoting the S3L as a live system, but it can be equally at home at the centre of an established studio. The system uses the open AVB Ethernet protocol so you can record directly into ProTools through your computer’s Ethernet port, no extra Avid interfaces are required. Avid is saying the S3L will start at a price of A$19,799 for 16 channels of I/O. You can find a lot more details and specs at www.avid.com

AUSTRALIAN DISTRIBUTOR: Avid 1300 734 454 or www.avid.com



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