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90º Studio Training Facility Launch


8 July 2014


90º Studio Training Facility is the latest addition to Musos Corner, one of  Australia’s largest music retailers, based in Newcastle.

The digital age has brought with it technological changes in the way musicians create and record music. The greatest change has been the adoption of digital consumer range recording products that allow anyone with an mbox and a computer to mix their songs in their own home. Those same songs can go onto to become huge hits with the lightweight MP3 compression allowing for fast transfer and platform’s such as Youtube bringing the world into your living room. Artists such as Lily Allen, Justin Bieber and The Arctic Monkeys all had hits online and found themselves selling out large-venue concerts before signing to record labels, all thanks to MySpace and Youtube.

“Nowadays, anyone can record and produce their own music. You can even record with your smartphone or tablet” says Director of the Facility, Allon Silove“But professional studios still exist and with good reason. It takes a lot of time and effort, knowledge and experience to become a good sound engineer. Even longer to become a great producer. We are here to try and help bridge that gap between having the technology and actually knowing how to use it!”


The 90º Studio Training Facility is also where the very best of what is on offer (for studio equipment, hardware and software produced by the world’s leading manufacturers) meets a studio-training environment. There is also a fully functioning Recording Studio Showroom where you can listen to and compare studio equipment brands just as you would a guitar or amplifier. This is an state-of-the-art recording studio that delivers commercial audio training for all levels of skill and interest.

According to Silove:

“This is a facility offering full-term and short courses catering to everyone interested in music making and music production; at all levels. You might be a beginner wanting to learn how to record or mix your own music, or perhaps you want to grow your knowledge and practice of audio engineering and producing. Maybe you just want to know how to use the technology you already have. Our courses are designed to be highly practical in giving you the knowledge and experience you need to advance. We are even planning Master Classes for professionals, with some of the biggest names in music production in the Australian Music Industry. Music Teachers are also welcome to expand their Professional Development with one of our approved Education courses.” 


The studio features the world’s leading studio equipment manufacturers, including SSL, Neve, Universal Audio, AKG, Neumann, API, Empirical Labs and Yamaha.

Launch night for the new 90º Studio Training Facility will be on July 14th & 15th at 7:30pm

If you would like to attend please contact or phone 0421490473 

Numbers are very limited.


Excerpts from Press Release


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Issue 75
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