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28 October 2014


Earthworks has just expanded its FlexMic Series of podium microphones to include High Definition models, featuring an extended frequency response from 50Hz to 40kHz (the original mics have a 50Hz to 20Hz freq response). 

One of the most important thing to look for when purchasing a new vocal microphone is its clarity and warmth. These characteristics come down to the mic’s frequency response, which should lay somewhere center of the spectrum. For vocalists, you need a mic with a decent dynamic range, around 80Hz to 15Hz is a nice place. For podium mics (used for speech), the frequency response can be a little tighter without cutting too much of its dynamic range.  Earthworks new models sit right in that sweet spot at 50Hz to 40Hz. The new models also feature something the company calls ‘polar technology’, which basically means that the speaker can move naturally without the mic losing the audio, by up to 90º (off-axis) in every direction.

The new standard and HD models now come in a slimmer 7mm diameter gooseneck, and a shorter tip, providing a lower profile. The FM & FMHD feature a gooseneck and the FMR & FMRHD models come with a rigid center which is flexible at both ends. All models models are available with either cardioid or hypercardioid polar patterns in 13, 19, 23 and 27 inch overall lengths.


  • Available in 13″ (328mm), 19″ (475mm), 23″ (589mm) and 27″ (686mm) lengths
  • Available in cardioid and hypercardioid
  • Available with fully flexible gooseneck and rigid center gooseneck
  • Uniform frequency response on or off-axis
  • Flat from 50Hz to 40kHz within ± 2dB at 12 inches
  • Will handle up to 145dB SPL
  • No handling noise
  • High rejection of sounds to the rear of the microphone
  • RFI resistant
  • Incredible gain before feedback
  • Orators can speak above, below or to either side of the microphone and maintain the same pristine sound quality with high intelligibility

All FlexMic and HD FlexMic models are currently shipping. For more info check:

Australian Distributor: Audio Chocolate, South Yarra, Vic. contact: (Ph) 03 9813 5877 or website:


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