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Millennia HV-316 Micamp now Mac compatible

AELogic remote control software now Windows and macOS ready, software for Millenia’s high-end, dependable HV-316 preamp


15 November 2021

The most technically advanced microphone preamplifier in Millennia’s 30-year history is now compatible with both Windows and Mac. Millennia’s third-generation AELogic remote control software is now available in both formats on the Millennia website (free download).

Based on years of pro client suggestions, the HV-316 is designed for harsh environments and mission-critical applications:  live touring racks, scoring stages, remote recording trucks, large studio complexes, sampler houses, hot-rack installs (150F), concert halls, outdoor facilities, schools and networked music venues, and environmental recording (12V battery operation).

Also available short-loaded as 8-ch unit.

  • Street price US$5,300 (16 ch), US$3,500 (8 ch),
  • analog output option board US$863 (8 ch).
  • Dante standard.

Selected by a blue-ribbon panel of fifty top international audio professionals, the HV-3 micamp was inducted into the 2019 NAMM TECnology Hall of Fame. Over 50,000 channels of HV-3 preamplifiers have been installed into studios, scoring stages, sampling houses, concert halls, remote rigs, live touring racks, broadcast rooms, ADR rooms, Foley stages, and research labs. The HV-3 was designed over years of critical / blind real-world “A/B” listening trials to assure the most neutral and dynamically correct microphone capture – and is today’s most-used micamp for classical music recording, film scoring, and acoustic sampling. With over 35 industry awards, thousands of chart-leading clients and Grammy projects, and scores of Academy Award winning movies, Millennia continues to set precedent in dynamically stable, timbre-neutral audio paths. An HV-3 recording has likely played a role in some of the music you’ve listened to today.



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Issue 91