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Millenia at NAMM: 16 Channel Remote Control Mic Amp Previewed

Those at Millennia’s booth at NAMM would have caught a sneak preview of their HV-316 - 16 Channel Remote Control Ethernet Mic Amp. It is fully remote-controllable using Millennia's second-generation AELogic software - forward compatible with its renowned HV-3R remote mic amp. 


21 January 2020

Based on years of its pro client suggestions, the HV-316 has been designed for harsh environments and mission-critical applications like – live touring racks, scoring stages, concert halls, schools and networked music venues, remote recording trucks, sampler houses, hot-rack installs and outdoor location recording.

  • Hall of Fame HV-3 mic amps, legendary timbre realism and dynamic uniformity 
  • Specially designed for high-temperature continuous operation (65C / 150F) 
  • Powered by both 12VDC and worldwide 90-240VAC. Redundant, fail-safe operation 
  • High RF “pi filter” shielding provided on audio and digital feeds, destroys mobile interference
  • Medical-grade power supply rated for 650,000 hours MTBF operation
  • The HV-316 is built into a military-grade aluminium 1U chassis that houses 16 channels of Millennia HV-3 microphone preamps with simultaneous analog and Dante 32-bit / 192KHz Ethernet outputs. Other output options are planned for 2020-21, include USB and MADI.

Millennia remote mic amps (HV-3R and new HV-316) have been designed to seamlessly operate on a single Ethernet network with up to 384 redundant audio channels. You can remotely control Gain, Polarity, Pad, Mute, channel Linking, high-pass filter, selectable Ribbon (DC) or Phantom paths on every channel with unlimited scene recall scripting and scribble-strips.

Millenia have chosen to use 16 channels of integrated, new-generation AKM 192kHz A-D converters, multi-paralleled for extreme dynamic range performance and trusted Millennia sonics with +32dBu input headroom.

All internal processing is achieved with a generic plug-and-play ‘Beagle’ Linux processor, designed to assure the lack of obsolescence and the possibility to undertake field replacement.

The MV-316 has redundant powering so that if one power supply fails the other supply continues to power the unit without any audio glitches. 

Millennia intends that the MV316 will be Avid / Pro Tools compatible via hardware MIDI input in Q3 of 2020.

If you cannot afford or don’t immediately need all 16 channels of HV-3 mic preamps then it will be possible to order a ‘short-loaded’ 8 channel, which will be factory-upgradable to 16 channels when you are ready. 

More On The Millennia HV-3 Mic Preamps

  • Selected by a blue-ribbon panel of fifty top international audio professionals, the HV-3 mic amp was inducted into the 2019 NAMM TECnology Hall of Fame.
  • Over 50,000 channels of HV-3 preamplifiers have been installed into the world’s most discriminating studios, scoring stages, sampling houses, concert halls, remote rigs, live tours, ADR rooms and Foley stages. 
  • The HV-3 was designed over years of critical real-world listening tests to assure the most neutral and dynamically correct microphone capture – and is today’s most-used mic amp for classical music recording, film scoring, and acoustic sampling. 
  • With over 30 industry awards, thousands of chart-leading clients, hundreds of Grammy projects, and scores of Academy Award winning movies, Millennia continues to set precedent in dynamically stable, timbre-neutral audio paths. An HV-3 recording has likely played a role in some of the music you’ve listened to today.



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Issue 93


Ableton Live 12
What’s in. What’s out. What to expect.