Kali’s Studio/Live Sub

Kali Audio has announced the WS-12, a 1000 Watt, 12-Inch subwoofer meant for both studio and live use, possibly the first of its kind.


28 January 2020

Nicknamed “Project Watts,” the WS-12 is the companion subwoofer to Kali’s best-selling Lone Pine and Independence monitors.  In addition to that use case, Kali specifies the subwoofer for use in surround mixing applications; the subwoofer’s output is sufficient to be used with up to 5 IN-8s.

This amount of power also makes the WS-12 quite capable in live settings. With an 18mm wooden enclosure and steel handles, the WS-12 is ready for road duty. Users of suitcase-style all-in-one PAs like the Yamaha StagePAS or Fender Passport or linear array all-in-ones like the Bose L1 or LD Systems Maui will find the WS-12 to be a welcome addition to their live rig.

Says Kali Director of Marketing Nate Baglyos: “Because the LP-6 is a budget monitor, we wanted to create a sub that was friendly for people on a budget who might not have the space or funds to get both a PA sub and a studio sub. We also know how hard it is to take a giant sub to a gig, so we wanted to make something that could live under the mixing desk 90% of the time, but still be portable enough to disconnect and transport in a small car. We measured the inside dimensions of the trunk of a Toyota Corolla, and that dictated the size of the sub.”

Kali claims +/- 3 dB lower frequency range at 30 Hz, with -10 dB frequency response down to 23 Hz. Peak SPL is 123 dB. DSP features include selectable crossovers, gain adjustment for room position, and polarity inversion. Like Kali’s other speakers, DSP is controlled via DIP switches on the back of the subwoofer, and there are helpful diagrams printed directly on the subwoofer for quick reference. A foot-switch, sold separately, will allow users to turn off the sub and disable the high pass filters on the subwoofer’s outputs.

A unique feature of the WS-12 is the offering of crossover settings for use with Kali’s studio monitors. Not only do these crossovers use the recommended frequency and slope for the monitors, but they also include level matching. With the subwoofer’s and monitors’  volume knobs all turned to the same position, level will be matched as long all speakers are roughly in the same plane with each other.

The WS-12 will be available starting February 1, 2020 in the United States, with worldwide availability soon to follow. MSRP is $599.


Kali Audio: www.kaliaudio.com
Australian Distributor: nas.solutions

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