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Kali’s Project Mammoth

MM-6 brings studio quality sound to living rooms.


2 December 2022

Kali’s best-selling LP-6 studio monitor has been updated for home use as the MM-6. Featuring easy connections for televisions, gaming consoles, A/V receivers, and other entertainment systems, the MM-6 brings studio quality sound into your living room.

Flexible Inputs

The MM-6 features S/PDif, Optical, RCA, and balanced inputs to accommodate televisions, gaming consoles, A/V receivers, and whatever other gear you’re already using. When you buy them as a pair, a 10-foot XLR cable is included to interconnect the two speakers, so you only have to run one input wire from your device. 

Proven Sound Quality

The LP-6s have been called ‘The best studio monitors under $500.’ The MM-6 is acoustically identical to the LP-6, so you get the same room-filling, detailed, accurate sound that the professionals hear when they’re working on Kali speakers. Between your favourite music, movies and television, and video games, something you’ve enjoyed recently was made on Kali monitors. With the MM-6, you can hear that content exactly the way it was intended.

Starting at US$209, they will be shipping before Christmas in the United States, with global availability soon after.


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