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Kali Audio’s WS-6.2 & SM-5-C

Project Watts & Project Santa Monica now shipping.


7 July 2023

Kali Audio’s Project Watts, the WS-6.2, is a studio subwoofer with two 6.5-inch horizontally opposed woofers. Taking up less than half the space of comparably performing subwoofers, it is ideal for stereo mix setups where space is at a premium. The WS-6.2 is tailor-made to be a companion sub to Kali’s LP-Series and IN-Series monitors, but it will also integrate well with just about any pair of studio monitors.

Project Watts
The WS-6.2 is only slightly larger than an 8-inch studio monitor, making it the perfect choice to sit under your desk, or in other tight spaces. The horizontally opposed woofers in the WS-6.2 present as much radiating area as a 10-inch woofer, but in a much smaller package. As an added benefit, the configuration of the woofers cancels out net vibration, so the sub won’t scoot, buzz, or rattle, even at high SPLs.

With 120dB max SPL, the WS-6.2 will be more than sufficient for most stereo setups, and will work well in small multichannel setups as well. If more SPL is needed, a second WS-6.2 can be added without taking up very much space. You can also look at using Kali’s larger WS-12 subwoofer.

Project Santa Monica
Project Santa Monica is Kali’s finest speaker yet, and combines its proven 3-way architecture with uncompromising components and craftsmanship. The SM-Series delivers unrivalled imaging, accuracy, and detail for the most critical applications. Project Santa Monica debuts with the SM-5-C, a passive 5-inch 3-way coaxial monitor for immersive mixing applications. The SM-5-C features tunings for LEA Connect Series amplifiers for high power with plenty of headroom.

Kali’s founding principle is to deliver the best possible product for the price, and its speakers have always been praised for their accuracy, translation, and ease of use. The SM-Series builds on these ideals, and incorporates the best available materials, components, and manufacturing. The result is a high performance studio monitor that is ready for the most demanding mixing and mastering applications.

The SM-Series speakers are acoustic point sources, and particular care has been given to the transition from the midrange to the baffle. This transition is seamless to the edge of the speaker, resulting in an engrossing stereo image where details are lifelike and crisp.

Project Watts
Starting at US$499

Project Santa Monica
Starting at US$999


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