Waves Plugin Hunts Down Feedback

Waves Audio is now shipping the Waves Feedback Hunter plugin.


12 January 2024

Waves Audio is now shipping the Waves Feedback Hunter plugin, an innovative tool that enables live sound engineers to quickly achieve maximum gain before feedback and optimize stage monitors and PA systems, faster than ever, with seamless integration for any live show.

Feedback Hunter facilitates effortless feedback control by revolutionizing the setup process for stage monitors and PA systems. This is achieved by analyzing the mutual response of mics and monitors and creating an EQ curve that optimizes their relationship, ensuring clear sound throughout live shows, with less risk of feedback.

Front-of-house engineers can now eliminate the time-consuming process of ringing out the room and transform the tedious task of ringing out speakers into an efficient, streamlined experience: with Waves Feedback Hunter, your setup can take as little as 30 seconds. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, Feedback Hunter is not exclusive for the seasoned sound engineer but also for anyone who seeks excellent live sound.

Unlike the Waves X-FDBK plugin, which is used during the show and produces single notch bands for problematic frequencies, Feedback Hunter processes the entire frequency spectrum and is used during setup time, when engineers are ready to ring out their wedges or PA.

Feedback Hunter’s intelligent analysis evaluates the mic-speaker interaction, using white noise and it fine-tunes its reaction to the specific acoustic environment in order to maximize gain before feedback in that specific room.

Engineers can also customize results by using the “Frequency Brackets” to confine the affected frequency ranges or modify the processing intensity with the “Depth” knob as required.

Feedback Hunter is adaptable to complex spaces (for example, in noisy environments) or when more headroom is needed: the user adjusts the “Noise” and “Headroom” knobs to customize the plugin’s settings prior to the analysis phase.

Waves Feedback Hunter Features:

Maximizes gain before feedback

Setup can take as little as 30 seconds

Works in noisy environments

Eliminates the need for ringing-out speakers

Customize the affected frequency ranges

Adaptable target headroom

To learn more about Waves Feedback Hunter, click here.


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Website: sound-music.com


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