KORG PaAS MK2 Speaker System

The optional Pa Amplification System PaAS MK2 can be connected to any Korg flagship arranger.


13 February 2024

The optional Pa Amplification System PaAS MK2 delivers powerful, high-fidelity sound, and can be connected with no cable to any flagship arranger Pa5X by way of the Smart Connect system. It can also be used with our previous models, like the Pa4X, Pa3X or Pa3XLe.

The speakers’ power depends on the model to which the system is connected to. You will get the highest power and the clearest sound when PaAS MK2 is connected to any of the Pa5X models.

With Pa5X you can choose a different Waves MaxxAudio® mastering preset for the audio outs and the headphones, or the PaAS MK2 speaker system itself. Each of the separate Waves presets contain settings for a 7-band full parametric equalizer and for the MaxxAudio Suite. Settings can be different for each of the outputs, line-out or speaker system.

This is great for using the PaAS MK2 as an independent monitoring system on stage or at home. You can set the output level, EQ and MaxxAudio values for the PaAS MK2, while the main outputs and the headphones use a different preset. This is perfect for adjusting the close monitoring level and sound separately from the stage amplification system.

The full-parametric equalizer and the great [powerful] Waves MaxxAudio tools will help you refine the presets for each room and each listening environment where you are going to play. A dedicated equalizer curve for your home or stage environment can be saved as your own user-preset. You can recall it every time you like. It is an incredibly flexible system to adapt your speakers to the environments you are playing in.

Estimated availability is mid-May 2024


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