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Landr Adds New Level of Customisation to AI Mastering Tool


12 March 2019

Montreal-based mastering and distribution platform, LANDR, announces the worldwide release of Tonic: the latest update to its cloud-based mastering software. Engineered to provide LANDR users with additional customisation features for each master, Tonic takes AI-enhanced mastering to a whole new level.

“Mastering is our core offering. It’s what we do best. Our users have been asking for more control, and we delivered. We’re happy to offer the LANDR community a new level of professional sound and customisation tools for musicians of all genres and backgrounds.” —Pascal Pilon, CEO

Subscribers now have the ability to choose from three distinct mastering styles:

  • Warm—Vintage warmth with softer compression for thick, smooth sound
  • Balanced—Controlled, with focus on balance, clarity and depth
  • Open—Modern, open sound with emphasis on punch and presence

“The masters are significantly different in flavour and in EQ. I can notice the different nuances of each profile. This is a powerful feature and I cannot wait to be able to use it on a daily basis.” —Nik Metaxas (Indie/Folk Singer-Songwriter, Pro subscriber)

In addition to the choice of mastering style, LANDR now allows artists to preview their options more clearly with Volume Matching. Users can also optimise their workflow with Mastering Preferences, save their settings for future projects and apply them to stems and bulk uploads.

LANDR’s mastering tool is used by over 2 million musicians, from 160 countries around the world. Since launching in 2014, it has shaken the music-making process, and made studio quality sound more accessible for musicians and audio professionals of all levels. In recent years, the company has added powerful features to further service its global community, and remains committed to building the best online mastering experience for artists everywhere.

Tonic will be available to all LANDR subscribers for a limited time, and is included in all Advanced and Pro plans, free of charge.



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