A Complete 4-Part Series
Issue 71
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Vicoustic Now In Aus

BusiSoft AV is dealing Vicoustic for Australia, specialist in sustainable acoustic treatment  for recording studios, hi-fi rooms and home cinemas. 


October 13, 2020

Vicoustic understands sound – and they know what makes a proper acoustic and audio experience. Being at the forefront of acoustic technology, they combine engineered systems with stunning design to bring users sound that is free of compromises, but full of high quality performance.

Founded in 2007, Vicoustic is distributed to over 70 countries around the world. They understand the unique sound dynamics of a room or venue. So whether it’s a Home Cinema Hi-Fi or a professional sound system for radio and television, their expertise for peak acoustic performance is second-to-none.

The products from Vicoustic deliver clever and innovative solutions to meet the demands of spaces which require a sophisticated soundscape. Taking on board the high standards of their customers, Vicoustic continuously strive to manufacture products of superior functionality, adaptability, but all the while with a sustainable and environmentally conscious mind-set. 

In 2017, Vicoustic began paving a new path in the acoustic design world with its development and production of a new, sustainable raw material – VicPET Wool and the introduction of the first product line using this material, Vicoustic VMT.

VicPET Wool is a non-woven textile with superb acoustic performance, predominantly made from recycled plastic bottles. Through extensive research and testing, Vicoustic fine-tuned this material that can now found across a range of Vicoustic products.  

This has led to the production of acoustic products using more than 250 tons of plastic waste, an equivalent to roughly 22 million standard PET bottles (500ml) being recycled, since Vicoustic started production with this raw material until the end of 2019. The commitment to making products in an environmentally friendly way is also being extended across the whole of the Vicoustic product line and is an integral part of future product development. The goal is clear; to replace all foam-based products with VicPET Wool and be a leading example for the use of sustainable materials.

However, sustainability is not limited to manufacturing. Vicoustic’s aim for a greener product is also in the quality and durability of their creations and the aim for these to have a great, long and lasting life. 

“As Vicoustic has expanded over the years as have our needs in terms of distribution and the ability to have partners that can invest in the brand and cover more business segments,” says Cesar Carapinha, CEO, Vicoustic. “We feel confident that working with Busisoft AV will be a great step for Vicoustic in the Australian market and we look forward to gaining additional market shares and bring sustainable acoustics to the forefront wherever acoustics are needed.”

“BusiSoft AV is thrilled to be working with Vicoustic on expanding the brand in Australia,” says George Poutakidis, CEO, BusiSoft AV. “The sustainability practices of Vicoustic will be well received in Australia where more and more consumers are conscious of a brands environmental impact. In addition to the HiFi and Pro audio markets, we see great opportunities in work, public and hospitality spaces.”


Vicoustic: vicoustic.com
Australian Distributor: www.busisoft.com.au

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A Complete 4-Part Series
Issue 71